"Jane is truly a professional in her field and was a pleasure to work with on our project. She provided me with an investigator that helped solve my client's theft issues and I would request him again if I ever have an assignment in the area."

Christine S.
Sr. Fraud Investigator

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jane on fraud related matters. I consider her an expert. She is very detail minded, reliable, dependable and aware of deadlines. She has earned my trust and she has demonstrated the business ethics I demand of not only myself, but those with whom I work. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane to anyone with an investigative need."

Jim S.

V.P. Corporate Investigative Svcs.

"Jane is an instrumental team player who is perceptive and ingenious at what she does. While brilliant and insightful, she also cares about other people and genuinely conducts business to that end. It would be a pleasure to recommend Jane's services with confidence."

Shelly K.
Instructional Systems Designer

"We had a title issue that required the seller locate an estranged partner in order to clear a cloud over the title, without this person the transaction would fail and hours of effort would be lots. I was ready to call it quits after multiple attempts proved none of the parties involved had any idea where to even look for this person.

Jane was hired and within a few hours the missing partner and we were on the way to the closing table. Jane provided a level of service second to none and at a price that was fair."

Guy W.

"I don’t write blanket commendation letters, nor do I compliment people for simply doing their jobs. I believe a recommendation letter or endorsement should be about quality that is higher than expectations.
Recently we had a case that involved areas of Georgia, both urban as well as rural, and we selected a licensed investigator in Georgia to help in this case (as we have done hundreds of times before). This time we selected someone new, someone with whom we had not previously worked.
I found this investigator to be intelligent, professional, and hard working. Three qualities that are often very difficult to find.
Jane Holmes, Private Investigator, repeatedly demonstrated interest in the case, attention to detail, professionalism, and intelligence. She treated witnesses and other contacts professionally and was able to politely communicate just as easily with urban dwellers as with those in rural areas.
As an investigator and business owner I value the quality that Ms. Holmes brings to the investigative case in helping achieve the highest results.
I look forward to working with Patricia Lane Investigations on future cases and strongly recommend the work of Ms. Jane Holmes their Chief Investigator."

Chris C.
President, Chief Investigator, Texas

"Better than Magnum, P.I. Hire Jane and she'll get answers and results!"

Mickey H.